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Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Proposal at Christmas

December 15th, 1928

Dear Diary,
These past months seemed crammed so full of school, events, family and Andrew. We are getting to know each other and falling in love. I am sorry that I have neglected you Dear Diary.

Andrew is building a huge home on my special place where beautiful wildflowers decorate the mountain sides with their hues of the rainbow; and they grow so thick one cannot see the ground. This is where I went to be alone and think-- lying on my blanket hidden from the world---my own peaceful paradise.

My brothers told Andrew about it so as a surprise he bought it all 2000 acres of paradise, and now a huge three-storied house and three barns will be built in the middle of paradise. Andrew is planning for a big family because besides the Master suite that takes up most of the spacious second floor, there are eight bedrooms to fill on the third floor. 

Everything inside will be modern with six full bathrooms and a large balcony outside the master suite where one will be able to drink their morning coffee and look at all the wildflowers, and wild life that roams about the woods.

                                                           Andrew's 1928 Cadillac

I cannot believe how much I love Andrew, as I count the minutes he is away from me. Ma and Pa love him too as they invited him to dinner and supper almost every day. However, he also takes us out on picnics, all four of us enjoy many Saturdays riding in his 1928 Cadillac to visit different beautiful sites. Andrew is now like a son to them it seems and my brothers love him too.

I really do not know how my sister Margaret feels about him, since she has not said at any of our family gatherings. And, frankly it is not important enough for me to ponder on it. I believe she is happy with her life with Johnny (John) and their two children.

The most wonderful surprise on Christmas morning, Andrew knocked on our door at 6:00 a.m. and Ma and Pa were up with breakfast ready for our Christmas morning together. I walked into the living room and seeing Andrew tall, blond with blue eyes shining took my breath away. And, I could not move or speak as he walked toward me and then stopped and bent down on one knee. He took my hand as he looked into my eyes and ask me to marry him, and when I could speak I said loudly, “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

Pa and Ma laughed and clapped as Andrew put the engagement ring on my finger---then he took my face in his hands---and gave me the sweetest kiss ever given on this earth. It was the largest diamond ring ever, but I would be satisfied with a cigar band if it meant I would marry Andrew.

Andrew gave us such a beautiful surprise and we were all having such a great time---we forgot to open our Christmas gifts until late in the afternoon.

Together we planned a June wedding because school would be out and our new home would be finished. Margaret will be the new teacher in the fall since Andrew and I want to start our family and I no longer need to work. Although, I will miss all my children and I will visit often and take special supplies to them and to make sure Margaret has everything to give the children the best education possible.

Dear Diary I will always need you and I will write in your forever, but now until after my wedding---because I will be very busy. Thanks Dear Diary for being my best friend and listening to me without judging me.


The End.

Thanks you for reading Rebecca’s Diary as she shared her life’s moments, good and not so good. We know about her heartaches, new friendship and falling in love. She grew up writing in her diary from the age of 8 to 19---and now the best part of her life is yet to come.

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