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Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Brothers Mark and Matthew

                                                                       Sam's Farm

April 15, 1928

Dear Diary,

When I awoke this morning I was so thankful it was Saturday and I did not have to rush to school this morning. Since I came in late last night--- everyone was in bed---I still did not know what was happening within my family. So I dressed and went into the kitchen, but no one was there---so I got a cup of coffee and one of Ma’s wonderful biscuits and put some jam in the hole I punched in the middle of it. Then I put on my boots and my destination was Mark and Matthews homes to see what was happening with the new arrivals.

I suppose I was really afraid to take much time alone to think about how I felt---my sister Margaret had run away from home when I was eight years old and I was still wearing the locket from Johnny. She was gone for half of my life---she feels like a stranger to me now---and I feel so bad even thinking that Dear Diary.

My sister is now married to my Johnny and she is five years older than he is---but maybe my brothers will have the answers. And the sad thing is I still have that purple rock Johnny gave me, and this morning I took off the locket and put it in the back of my closet to never wear it again. I am not saying this in a mean way—Dear Diary.

When I got to my Brother Mark’s house it was the closest one to our home---Matthew was there also---still angry I could tell by how hard he hugged me. A cup of tea was pushed into my hands and chair was pulled out for me from the table. Their wives were at a quilting bee with Ma---so I was on my own with all this anger.

Mark said, “This is what Johnny told us---Margaret was so smart in school by completing the 12th grade at that age of 13. When she ran away she got a job teaching in the same city Johnny lived in and that is how they met again. Johnny’s parents rented a room to her so she was part of the family you might say. Long story short---she and Johnny fell in love and just got married after the baby was born. And now they have come home to Johnny’s grandparent’s old home place where he will farm and do whatever---and she wants to stay home and have babies.”

I just looked at Mark and then Matthew and then I cried for the first time---which made my brothers go berserk as they ran to my chair and hugged and kissed me and I just let them---because I was in shock and could not move.

My sister Margaret ran away---why? What did she say about the reason she ran away? My brothers did not speak of that and my mind was not working right at the moment so I did not ask.

How could Margaret marry the boy she knew I loved? How does a sister do that? I had a lot to think about. But before I could leave my brothers—Sam walked in. I love to hear him talk with his Scottish accent---he melts my heart.

Sam walked over to me and took my hand for me to rise and then he told Mark and Matthew---I am taking your sister to my home for the day. And yes she will be chaperone because my housekeeper will be there.

I must have smiled at that moment because Matthew said, “Sam if you can keep her smiling---you have my blessing for what it is worth.” Then Mark and Matthew hugged me, and I kissed them bye.

Sam had a buggy waiting to go over the flatland where he has his huge farm. He picked me up and put me in the seat and covered my legs with a light blanket and off we went.

Later Dear Diary,


Friday, March 8, 2013

Rebecca's Diary October 25, 1918---Harvest Time

October 25th, 1918

Dear Diary,

It seems forever since Johnny moved to Canada and I miss him so much. I love wearing the heart locket he sent to me. His sweet grandfather gave it to me after church a month ago. And in the locket is a photo of Johnny and one of me. I don’t remember this picture of me being taken---but I am happy it is in the locket with Johnny.

My parents are getting ready for the big Harvest Day Feast at church. It will be a fun day---but not as much---without Johnny here.

Sometimes our mail is not delivered regularly and for one reason---it has begun to snow on the North Passage of our main mountain trail. This will cause the mail to be even slower during the winter months.

Pa said he would be going to town tomorrow with some of the other church men and he would bring the mail back to everyone. I am so excited about it--- I cannot wait---because I know Johnny has written to me.

I rubbed my heart locket during the day because I missed Johnny so much. Sometimes---I just hold it in my fingers and gently rub it with my thumb. Margaret said I will rub the gold off--- if I do not stop. She is so funny---but she is a great sister.

Last night Margaret got in bed with me and read a story from her school Literature book. It was such a beautiful story about Harvest Time in another land where the children went fishing while their fathers used big machines to gather the harvest of corn, wheat, barley and rye.

The mothers baked and cooked quail, wild turkey and deer meat---they called venison. And grandmothers looked after the babies while the mothers worked.

The way my sister read the story made it come to life and I dreamed about it too. In my dream Johnny was driving a big machine and I was baking for the feast. We waved at each other from a distance and I blew him a kiss and he caught it. It was the best dream Dear Diary---I will try to continue the dream tonight.

Good Night