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Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Wild Rose Mountain Trail

September 6th 1928

Dear Diary,

This morning as I walked to my second day of school this new term; I listened to the birds chirping and singing in the Gap and Hollows below. I heard the squirrels in their quarreling voices high in the mountain trees. I saw a deer feeding by a stream below my high mountain trail---only nature’s beauty could take my breath away this early fall morning with its leaves of many hues laid before me and cushioned my path.

In places where the leaves did not fall I felt the sharp rocks through my shoes as I walked slowly on the side of Wild Rose Mountain. And, I knew I should never take this high trail; but the scenery was so beautiful. My Pa and brothers would throw a country fit if they knew I walked this trail once in a blue moon.

When I arrived at schoolhouse a big box stood in front of the double doors on the porch. I did not order anything for school as I did that during the summer. But I thought perhaps my sweet brothers sent the children something, and I smiled as I walked up the steps to the box.

The note said: Dear Rebecca, I sent these supplies for the art glass I heard you wanted to teach and I hope this will be a start for the children, signed, Andrew.

Only my brothers knew about my plans of teaching art to the children, as I wanted them well- rounded in their knowledge of all that any civilization offered in this world. I never wanted them to feel out-of- place anywhere they might travel on this earth, or worse of all feel uneducated.

I heard the sound of leaves being walked on; then suddenly I saw who made the noise. My brother Matthew smiled as he walked up the steps of the schoolhouse and stopped when he saw the huge box.

He hugged me with one arm and started opening the box for me with the other hand. How in the world I thought did he know.

“Matthew, did you know about this wonderful gift Andrew gave the children?”

“Becca, I did not know about this generous gift, but I came to talk to you about Sam. Sam sent word through his solicitor that he would be in Europe for many months and he really does not know when he will return. He sent word to you that he cares for you deeply, but his family needs him now. And, Becca I don’t think you should wait for him; if you are developing feelings for Andrew.”

I looked at my brother through tears and said, “Matthew, I will always love Sam as a friend, and yes---at one time I thought it was becoming more, but now I know it was only a great friendship. I worry about Sam as he always lets his heart guide him---I hope his family knows how lucky they are to have such a caring person as Sam. What did you tell his solicitor?”

“I told him to inform Sam that we will take care of his farm and that I hired a family. We placed them in the quest house. And, that no one will go into his house without Mark or me there. I told him not to worry about you, that I will tell you to go forward with your life and not to wait for him to return. I told him to communicate more often as we waited for his instructions on his farm.”

I rang the school bell as the children played and talked in the school yard. Matthew stored all the art supplies in the big closet he and my brother Mark built for me. If nothing else wonderful ever happened in my life---I am so blessed for Matthew and Mark as my brothers.

I hugged Matthew bye and started my school day with all the excited school children so happy for another year of learning about the world and themselves. I feel blessed with these children who want to learn and they are so well-behaved---it is almost a miracle.

The day flew by and I began walking home once again on my secret way home high on Wild Rose Mountain, because I felt the need for solitude to think about so many things crowding my tired schoolteacher brain. I suppose my attention did not focus on the trail and what stood in front of me until I hit it. And, as I started to fall; strong arms wrapped around me and pulled me close.

 I looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes which at the moment looked concerned as they caressed my face in slow motion. And, then suddenly set free from the strong grip of closeness but not let go completely. My eyes never left Andrews face; as we stared at each other in the silence.

My pet crow broke the quietness of the fall afternoon and then Andrew offered me his arm as we continued our walk home. However, I forgot to ask him why he appeared on Wild Rose Mountain---I thought no one knew I loved this trail. However, I did remember to thank him for the art supplies.

Dear Diary, I feel drained and we will talk more later.

My mixed pleasures of the day with sadness about Sam-- sprinkled across my mind and I am sure I will dream about it all. Especially---concerned blue eyes that caressed my face. Good night Dear Diary, my favorite journal..

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Love or Infatuation at First Sight?

September 5, 1928

Dear Diary,

I told Ma and Pa about Andrew coming by to take me to Mark and Matthew’s dinner party, so they could discuss business. Pa looked up from fixing an old clock for a neighbor and smiled and said: “Your Ma and I are going on a date tonight to the Fall Festival in Hawkins Creek. The festival will be there for a week if interested. We cannot wait to meet Andrew---Mark told us about what a gentlemen he is and they are anxious to do business with him.”

At five there was a knock on the door and since Pa and Ma had left for their date---I answered the door. There stood Andrew dressed in a blue suit which made his eyes shine bluer and his blond hair glowed with sunshine and he held a big bouquet of wildflowers. We both stood for an eternity just staring until my pet crow landed on the porch and broke the spell. Why we both act this way is such a mystery to me. Maybe Mark or Matthew will know what is going on as I cannot recall ever being this rude.

I invited Andrew in and explained about Pa and Ma not being here as I put the flowers in a vase. Andrew stood by my side and I could smell the cologne he wore. I had an overwhelming urge to smell his neck which proves I am surely going insane. I turned towards him and said I was ready to leave now as I smiled up at him to find him staring at me again.

Finally, we started on our journey in a one horse buggy which was very comfortable. The black horse’s coat shined from the last light---that filtered through the trees---in the early evening just as the sun slowly slipped behind the mountains, we arrived at Matthew’s home. Andrew lifted me down slowly as he seemed to enjoy holding me. And, I did not mind his strong hands around my waist as they sent warmth through my body.

Mark and Matthew were by our sides in minutes bringing their wives to introduce to Andrew. I ran to hug and kiss my sweet nephews and nieces and picked up the new baby girl of Matthews and Elizabeth ‘Liz’. 

My brothers both wanted six children each as they both said: “If we can afford them---then I want six children to take care of me in my old age.” And, then my brother laughed because he will always be the one taking care of someone else. 

He just loves children and his beautiful wife loves him so much---I watched as she listened to every word he uttered while she watched his sweet expressions. They as well as my brother Mark and his wife Kathryn ‘Katie’ are deeply in love.

Their love is like Ma and Pa’s love---very deep and forever---that is what I want for myself. I hope one day I will find it, so I will be a mother of four children---this is what I want.

At dinner my brothers watched Andrew as he watched me and they smiled and talked. It was one happy dinner and everyone noticed when Andrew pulled my chair out and made sure I had everything on my plate that I wanted. He acted like we were old friends instead of just meeting today.

After dinner Mark, Matthew and Andrew went into the library to smoke a cigar and talk. This is the time I love the most because I rocked all the babies and helped put them to bed; this is the best part of having dinner at my brothers’ home---the babies. My sister-in-laws are such sweet women who have become very popular with the community. If anyone needed help with raising money for any event they always go to Liz and Katie. 

And, I am not sure if they just wanted two beautiful women to bring in the crowd or if they just enjoy being around them like my family.

Today was the first of school however; it felt like a week had passed in lieu of one day? Too soon it was time to go home, and after our good-byes we started home. It seemed Andrew did not rush as we talked about everything along the way. He asked me if I wanted children since I had a school-house full of them. And, I told him yes I wanted four children to love and watch them grow in this community where everyone knows you and are always there for a neighbor in need.

I told him our Gap needed more stores, a playhouse for plays to encourage the acting talents of our children, a museum filled with all the treasures found in our area and from around the world to share with other countries. We needed a huge park for families to enjoy taking their children for a day of fun outdoors. With picnic tables, nature trails for all to learn more about the woods and mountains surrounding us. There are so many possibilities for this growing community.

Finally we reached home and Andrew did not move from his seat---he asked if I would go with him to the Fall Festival in Hawkins Creek Saturday. And, I said yes. Andrew kissed my hand and left me dazed at the front door. 

Although I knew my brothers would be visiting school tomorrow giving their sister their approval or disapproval with a big brotherly hug. My brothers are the absolute joy of my life and they make me feel safe and loved.

Well, Dear Diary tomorrow is only the second day of school and I am praying for a slow calm one.



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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Romance for Rebecca

September 4, 1928

Dear Diary,

Today would be embedded as a jewel of a first day forever in my memory; with all my children returning for another year of school. I stood on the top step watching as they walked down their mountain trails, meeting and hugging friends; sharing their summer events and laughing and jumping for joy because they were together once again.

This year everyone’s syrup pail was full of their lunch and a snack. I saw they all had shoes on their feet and their faces and clothes were clean. And, I can thank my brothers and my Pa for being responsible for this great gift to my children. Tears filled my eyes as I continued to watch the children walk nearer to the school yard.

I noticed an elderly woman bringing a little girl by the hand to school. The woman arthritic hand was holding the child’s gently and they finally stood at the bottom step looking up at me.
Finally, I was able to speak after the shock of their torn and grimy clothes worn over equally dirty bodies. I asked them to please come in because I would ring the bell in thirty (30) minutes. The children on the school ground were too busy to notice the surprise of the day.

The woman’s name was Helen Woodward and the little girl was her granddaughter, they moved to the Gap two days before and they had very little she said: “We stayed in an old house that no one wants, and we do not have any money for Holly’s school clothes or for food. I came looking to stay with my sister, but she died years ago; I just found out.” Mrs. Woodward dried her eyes on a dirty ragged sleeve which smeared the dirt worse on her wrinkled face.

This morning got the prize for being the biggest first day of school shocker---my brothers Matthew and Mark just walked in to check on their sister---thank God and green apples they did. I took Holly and Miss Helen (as she asked me to call her) ---to my desk and gave them my lunch.

While they ate I told Matthew and Mark her story. It seems Holly’s mother went missing years ago and no one knew who Holly’s father was and if he even knew he was a father. Well, this was right up my sweet brothers' big hearts, and they said do not worry my darling sister we will take care of everything.

They took both Miss Helen and Holly and I smiled at being bless with such great men as brothers in my life. What goes around comes back to love you as I always hear them tell me over and again.

I rang the bell for the first day of school to begin and I received inundations of love from each child as they walked into the little school-house with greetings and hugs. Then I began to call the roll and to my great joy everyone was present.

Just before lunch as everyone was doing their writing assignments---a loud knock cause me to drop my chalk and it broke into pieces. One of the children picked it up for me. And when I looked up a very handsome blond-haired man was looking down at me; it seemed that time stood still as we both just looked and did not move; until the children started giggling.

I then smiled and offered my hand and told him my name; and waited for him to reply---as his light blue eyes seems glued to my face. Suddenly, he spoke: “I am sorry for being so rude, but I was expecting a much older teacher since everyone told me of the different grades you were teaching and how the end of the year grades excelled the ones in the larger cities.”

“I am Andrew MacThomas, the new lawyer in the Gap, your brothers someone told me would be here this morning and I wanted to meet them. Are they young also?”

I evidently was hanging on his every word as one of my children said: “Teacher is it lunch time?”
I could feel my face getting warm as I walked to the top step and rang the lunch time bell; then stood to watch the children as they went to the picnic tables for lunch.

I thought as I turned to enter the room; what else could happen today. Then happily I found out. It seemed Andrew as he told me to call him was here to begin a new business and hope to add stores for the Gap, such as grocery stores, clothing and shoe stores, but he had to meet with my brothers first. Matthew and Mark owned most of the land in the Gap so one would need to talk with them about any new venture.

Andrew took my hand and said he would like to see me later for tea and he would bring it to the school-house for an after school treat. I just shook my head and smiled up at him and he seemed paralyzed, because he was not moving. Then he looked deeply in my eyes and turned and walked down the school steps into the mountain woods.

I rang the bell for the children to return to their seats and the afternoon flew by until the clock said it was time to ring my---school is out bell. And then I was alone with the lessons to prepare for tomorrow; and to straighten the classroom and put the first lesson of the morning on the board for the five year old children to review their vowels.

When I finished I turned around and there stood my two brothers and Andrew with big smiles on their face. Needless to say Andrew and I did not have tea; because of an invitation to Mark’s house for dinner.

Dear Diary I am so tired I will tell you later.

© BEPH 2013 All Rights Reserved