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Friday, August 2, 2013

A Triple Surprise

April 14, 1928

Dear Diary,

Loud voices roused me from my faint---angry loud voices of my brothers---Mark and Matthew
directed at Margaret my sister. I opened my bedroom door to have both my brothers run to
my side. Mark picked me up and carried me to where Sam was on the couch. Sam stood up
to take me in his arms and to my surprise Mark handed me to him like I was a toy doll.
I was still confused and I felt like I might faint again---so I fought as hard as I could against it---what was wrong with me I wondered. But I only had a short time to think about myself. Suddenly the front door flew opened and Pa and Ma stormed in.
Ma started crying and praising God---then grabbed Margaret---and held her while she cried some more. Pa just stood there red in the face and not smiling. It was then I remembered I saw Johnny---so I looked around the room to find him in Ma's rocking chair holding a baby.
Sam saw where I was looking and he whispered in my ear---that everything would be fine---and to remember Johnny and Margaret are married now and they have a baby. I could not register this in my mind---I kept thinking that Johnny had found Margaret and brought her home to us. I looked back at my brothers---now they were in a corner glaring at Johnny and Margaret.
Sam stood me up and took my hand as we walked slowly out the door---it seemed like a dream---this could not be real. As we walked to the darkest park of the porch I heard Pa's voice get loud and then the baby started crying. I want to go take care of the baby---but Sam said it would be best if we took a long walk and let the dust settle at home.
We walked to a ledge overlooking a winding river below which flowed between four mountains. The moon was full tonight with the stars brilliantly shining in the dark never ending sky. The Evergreen trees outlined the rushing river below on both sides. Sam and I could smell the nightly freshness as a soft breeze filtered through the trees.

The events at home seemed unreal---but being with Sam was very real and I did not want it to end anytime soon. He gently guided me into his arms and kissed my forehead---his lips were so sweet and felt so warm on my cool skin. He held me close as he softly sang, "Always."

It was wonderful and I did not want it to end. Then he wrapped his jacket around me and continued to hold me while we used a big log as our bench while we viewed the wonders of the night as we talked for hours before he walked me home.

I will tell you more Dear Diary later,

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