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Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Wild Rose Mountain Trail

September 6th 1928

Dear Diary,

This morning as I walked to my second day of school this new term; I listened to the birds chirping and singing in the Gap and Hollows below. I heard the squirrels in their quarreling voices high in the mountain trees. I saw a deer feeding by a stream below my high mountain trail---only nature’s beauty could take my breath away this early fall morning with its leaves of many hues laid before me and cushioned my path.

In places where the leaves did not fall I felt the sharp rocks through my shoes as I walked slowly on the side of Wild Rose Mountain. And, I knew I should never take this high trail; but the scenery was so beautiful. My Pa and brothers would throw a country fit if they knew I walked this trail once in a blue moon.

When I arrived at schoolhouse a big box stood in front of the double doors on the porch. I did not order anything for school as I did that during the summer. But I thought perhaps my sweet brothers sent the children something, and I smiled as I walked up the steps to the box.

The note said: Dear Rebecca, I sent these supplies for the art glass I heard you wanted to teach and I hope this will be a start for the children, signed, Andrew.

Only my brothers knew about my plans of teaching art to the children, as I wanted them well- rounded in their knowledge of all that any civilization offered in this world. I never wanted them to feel out-of- place anywhere they might travel on this earth, or worse of all feel uneducated.

I heard the sound of leaves being walked on; then suddenly I saw who made the noise. My brother Matthew smiled as he walked up the steps of the schoolhouse and stopped when he saw the huge box.

He hugged me with one arm and started opening the box for me with the other hand. How in the world I thought did he know.

“Matthew, did you know about this wonderful gift Andrew gave the children?”

“Becca, I did not know about this generous gift, but I came to talk to you about Sam. Sam sent word through his solicitor that he would be in Europe for many months and he really does not know when he will return. He sent word to you that he cares for you deeply, but his family needs him now. And, Becca I don’t think you should wait for him; if you are developing feelings for Andrew.”

I looked at my brother through tears and said, “Matthew, I will always love Sam as a friend, and yes---at one time I thought it was becoming more, but now I know it was only a great friendship. I worry about Sam as he always lets his heart guide him---I hope his family knows how lucky they are to have such a caring person as Sam. What did you tell his solicitor?”

“I told him to inform Sam that we will take care of his farm and that I hired a family. We placed them in the quest house. And, that no one will go into his house without Mark or me there. I told him not to worry about you, that I will tell you to go forward with your life and not to wait for him to return. I told him to communicate more often as we waited for his instructions on his farm.”

I rang the school bell as the children played and talked in the school yard. Matthew stored all the art supplies in the big closet he and my brother Mark built for me. If nothing else wonderful ever happened in my life---I am so blessed for Matthew and Mark as my brothers.

I hugged Matthew bye and started my school day with all the excited school children so happy for another year of learning about the world and themselves. I feel blessed with these children who want to learn and they are so well-behaved---it is almost a miracle.

The day flew by and I began walking home once again on my secret way home high on Wild Rose Mountain, because I felt the need for solitude to think about so many things crowding my tired schoolteacher brain. I suppose my attention did not focus on the trail and what stood in front of me until I hit it. And, as I started to fall; strong arms wrapped around me and pulled me close.

 I looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes which at the moment looked concerned as they caressed my face in slow motion. And, then suddenly set free from the strong grip of closeness but not let go completely. My eyes never left Andrews face; as we stared at each other in the silence.

My pet crow broke the quietness of the fall afternoon and then Andrew offered me his arm as we continued our walk home. However, I forgot to ask him why he appeared on Wild Rose Mountain---I thought no one knew I loved this trail. However, I did remember to thank him for the art supplies.

Dear Diary, I feel drained and we will talk more later.

My mixed pleasures of the day with sadness about Sam-- sprinkled across my mind and I am sure I will dream about it all. Especially---concerned blue eyes that caressed my face. Good night Dear Diary, my favorite journal..

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