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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Home Sweet Home Surprise

                                                   Movie of 1928 "Steamboat Bill."

Dear Diary

Saturday April 13, 1928

Today has been a wonderful sunny day in the mountains of Purvis Gap, and I feel so exhilarated for some reason. Maybe it is because Sam has asked me to the movies. If I sound like I am now living in the city---that would be laughable---because the movies are here in Purvis Gap every Saturday night at the old ballpark.

The men of the Gap---mostly my Pa and brothers built a huge screen out of lumber sawed from some trees on my brother’s property. And they painted the rough boards white---so it looks as great as any movie screen---at least we grateful mountain dwellers think so.

My brother Mark rents the movies from a studio in California. He shows westerns, dramas, mysteries, romance, and movies about love. But tonight we are going to see ”Steamboat Bill” and while Mark is busy running the movie---his wife will be selling popcorn to one and all for a penny a bag with free sweet tea.

Mark has the best ideas and is the most generous man---sharing his wealth with his---family, friends and neighbors. To get into the movies each family has to donate a jar of something canned. Some bring honey, corn, tomatoes, soup, and anything that can be grown in the mountains is also canned. Also canned meats are a popular item to bring.

And all the canned goods are stored in the church’s pantry for the hard winter months for all to share. What goes around comes back around to stare hungry children in the face in the hard months of snow on the frozen ground---but with my brothers kindness all the people of Purvis Gap now live a better and happier life. Yes we are blessed in these mountains with love and kindness.

I am dressed in a new pink dress that Ma made me with lace and pearl buttons in the back down to my waist and on the sleeves. Pa said I will make Sam's eyes pop out when I opened the door to his knock. Pa is so funny---because I resemble my mother so much he thinks I am beautiful like she is---but no one can be as lovely as my Ma. She walks and talks like an Angel and she is one to all who know her.

I was putting the jars of canned food in my satchel when someone knocked. I knew it had to be Sam---so for the little vain part of me I wanted to see his reaction to see if Pa’s predictions lived up to his words.

I open the door with a big smile and then it froze---I had opened the door to a very handsome stranger and I was here all alone. The stranger smiled and asked, “Is that you Rebecca?”

“Yes, my name is Rebecca---but how do I know you?”

“Don’t you recognize me---I am Johnny.”

Well I could have fainted---and I almost did—but I caught myself in time and invited him in.

As I said please come in---a young woman stepped from behind Johnny and smiled.

“Hi Becca—it is me Margaret.”

And then I did faint.

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