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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rescued from My Paradise

                                                               My Paradise

Dear Diary

April 17th, 1928

After school I went through the woods to another area, which always had the most beautiful wildflowers in every color one can envision. My brothers did not like me to go alone; however I thought this would be a good time to think and have a talk with me. It is good to have a little me time in such a paradise, so I spread out my little blanket amongst the beauty of blossoms, and sat down to think.

It was so peaceful and serene I went to sleep. I cannot believe it, but when I woke up the sun was going down and it was getting colder by the minute. I heard Truce barking and my brothers calling me and, as quickly as I could I grabbed my blanket and ran to greet them.

I suppose I was looking down and not up as I ran towards the sounds of my brothers voices because I collided with Johnny. He grabbed me to keep me from falling. I had to tell him I was fine that he could let me stand alone, but he did not seem to hear and he pulled me closer. I was trying to push away from him when two big hands lifted me away from Johnny.

It was Sam with Mark and Matthew behind him. Sam glared at Johnny without saying a word, and turned me around to face him. Mark asked if I was fine and what happened and if I came here alone.

I explained to everyone what happened and that I fell asleep and when I woke I heard Truce barking and my brothers calling my name. Then, I started running towards my brothers and ran right into Johnny. I looked around and thanked Johnny for catching me and then I looked at Sam, Mark and Matthew and stated I was ready to go home.

Matthew said: “Well I guess you are Missy, and how many time have I begged you not to come here alone. There are bears, and other deadly creatures that would love to eat a sleeping beauty.”

While I was half-way listening to Matthew I saw Sam and Johnny talking and it did not appear friendly. Mark walked over and said something to them both; then it was total silence, then Johnny turned towards his mountain to go home.

Paradise Mountains

When we arrived home Pa greeted me with words that makes me feel like he was annoyed with me, he said: Daughter, it is nice of you to come home early today as we had some good news to share. He wrapped his big arms around me and pulled Ma in the mix and hugged us to pieces. And, not letting us go until we got his big kiss on our foreheads.

Mark said: “Matthew and I went by the schoolhouse to see you, but you were not there so we came by Ma and Pa’s and stayed long enough to eat blueberry pie and drink coffee.”

As the story goes they decided to take Truce back to the schoolhouse and let him trail me. They met Sam on the way here so he joined them in my rescue. 

The big news Pa wanted to share was there will be a family reunion at Mark’s house next week with all the family together so they can meet Margaret, Johnny and the baby. I could have lived without that news today.

Sam took me on the porch and said he would be there with me at the family reunion unless I had rather he not be there. I told him of course I want you to be there with me. Then, I got his beautiful smile and a kiss on the cheek good night. 

I watched him as he walked away and I wondered why he did not know I loved him. I believe he feels there are still feeling between Johnny and me, which is not true on my part.

And, that is how I was found in my paradise without doing any thinking Dear Diary and now I am tired and will go to sleep.

Later Dear Diary,


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