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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

School Days Dear Old Golden Rule Days

                                                                 Fall in the Mountains
September 3 1928

Dear Diary,

I’ve been too busy to write much during the summer because it’s canning time of all the crops grown on my Pa’s land and my brothers. Pa and Ma always plant huge crops of everything that will grow to harvest in the mountains. Pa plants a huge garden every year for all the mountain people who do not have husbands to care for them and their children.

Ma and I spent the summer picking, cleaning and canning until my fingers and minds grew numb. And, I cleaned house and cooked while Ma goes to her ladies quilting club at the school-house during the summer months. It is my pleasure to do anything for my Ma and Pa, and I know how much she loves being with the ladies as their fingers fly with their long needle and coarse thread---sewing through the layers that makes a quilts, as they laugh and talk.

Then, Ma returns home smiling and teasing as she jokes with Pa; acting probably like when they were first married---I am just thinking this since I was not here to witness it. Their love grows each day, and this is the kind of love I want, but it keeps escaping me.

Sam left for Europe in June on business, and I received two letters from him and then nothing for six weeks now. It seems men keep slipping through my fingers, like water through a sieve.

My sister Margaret visited with baby Johnny; he is my heart’s delight and he loves me too. We bonded from the beginning. And Margaret wants another child with John (my once love Johnny) and yes I am trying’ but sometimes it still hurts like an unhealed wound. I am trying to rise above it all and think of my next nine months with my sweet children returning to school.

Tomorrow morning is the first day of school and everyone seems excited; especially me, as I have my dress picked out that Ma made during the summer, and we went shopping in Bonner Gap---0a huge town at the bottom of our mountains. Pa gave us money for all new clothes, shoes and anything we wanted.

I mainly spent for my school children who needed it most. To be given as a prize otherwise, their parents would not accept it---mountain people and their pride. One needs savvy ways and thinking to out maneuver these mountain people. I know I am one of them and proud of my ancestors.

Pa said a new lawyer would be setting up an office in our Gap this coming week. I am sure I will meet them and their children when they settle in.

Well, I will say Good Night my sweet Diary, because tomorrow will be a busy day.
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