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Friday, February 22, 2013

Rebecca's Diary of Appalachian Life in 1918

September 10, 1918

Dear Diary,

The house is silent and a little eerie as it seems to be telling me to read Johnny’s letter. I have not taken it from its envelope yet. I am anxious and a little afraid of the written words that will be waiting for me.

It is difficult for someone my age---almost nine (9) to be in love---but I believe I am---and now he is gone.

I am sitting by the window watching the full moon and writing my feelings to you Dear Diary---you are my best secret friend.

I will read his letter now:

Dearest Rebecca,

I feel like a criminal leaving without being able to tell you in person. However, my parents are here waiting down stairs for me to finish packing. They are taking me to Canada to live in our new home.

Canada is a beautiful place where the beauty of the land has not been ravished by logging companies yet.

I know Canada must seem like another planet to you---but I will be visiting my Grandparents in the summertime and then we will be together again. I send to you every day many hugs and kisses and I am counting the days until school is out for the summer.

You will always be my girl and please wait for me. Don’t forget to rub the rock I gave you---it is our good luck charm.

Grandpa will give you a gift I am sending to you in a few days. Our home is in the North Country and the school has a room for every grade. It will seem strange at first---but then everything new has to be an acquire lesson in life.

I close with all my love to you my Sweetheart.


Now I will sleep with his letter under my pillow---Good Night Dear Diary.

Goodnight My Johnny---I Love You.

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