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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Love or Infatuation at First Sight?

September 5, 1928

Dear Diary,

I told Ma and Pa about Andrew coming by to take me to Mark and Matthew’s dinner party, so they could discuss business. Pa looked up from fixing an old clock for a neighbor and smiled and said: “Your Ma and I are going on a date tonight to the Fall Festival in Hawkins Creek. The festival will be there for a week if interested. We cannot wait to meet Andrew---Mark told us about what a gentlemen he is and they are anxious to do business with him.”

At five there was a knock on the door and since Pa and Ma had left for their date---I answered the door. There stood Andrew dressed in a blue suit which made his eyes shine bluer and his blond hair glowed with sunshine and he held a big bouquet of wildflowers. We both stood for an eternity just staring until my pet crow landed on the porch and broke the spell. Why we both act this way is such a mystery to me. Maybe Mark or Matthew will know what is going on as I cannot recall ever being this rude.

I invited Andrew in and explained about Pa and Ma not being here as I put the flowers in a vase. Andrew stood by my side and I could smell the cologne he wore. I had an overwhelming urge to smell his neck which proves I am surely going insane. I turned towards him and said I was ready to leave now as I smiled up at him to find him staring at me again.

Finally, we started on our journey in a one horse buggy which was very comfortable. The black horse’s coat shined from the last light---that filtered through the trees---in the early evening just as the sun slowly slipped behind the mountains, we arrived at Matthew’s home. Andrew lifted me down slowly as he seemed to enjoy holding me. And, I did not mind his strong hands around my waist as they sent warmth through my body.

Mark and Matthew were by our sides in minutes bringing their wives to introduce to Andrew. I ran to hug and kiss my sweet nephews and nieces and picked up the new baby girl of Matthews and Elizabeth ‘Liz’. 

My brothers both wanted six children each as they both said: “If we can afford them---then I want six children to take care of me in my old age.” And, then my brother laughed because he will always be the one taking care of someone else. 

He just loves children and his beautiful wife loves him so much---I watched as she listened to every word he uttered while she watched his sweet expressions. They as well as my brother Mark and his wife Kathryn ‘Katie’ are deeply in love.

Their love is like Ma and Pa’s love---very deep and forever---that is what I want for myself. I hope one day I will find it, so I will be a mother of four children---this is what I want.

At dinner my brothers watched Andrew as he watched me and they smiled and talked. It was one happy dinner and everyone noticed when Andrew pulled my chair out and made sure I had everything on my plate that I wanted. He acted like we were old friends instead of just meeting today.

After dinner Mark, Matthew and Andrew went into the library to smoke a cigar and talk. This is the time I love the most because I rocked all the babies and helped put them to bed; this is the best part of having dinner at my brothers’ home---the babies. My sister-in-laws are such sweet women who have become very popular with the community. If anyone needed help with raising money for any event they always go to Liz and Katie. 

And, I am not sure if they just wanted two beautiful women to bring in the crowd or if they just enjoy being around them like my family.

Today was the first of school however; it felt like a week had passed in lieu of one day? Too soon it was time to go home, and after our good-byes we started home. It seemed Andrew did not rush as we talked about everything along the way. He asked me if I wanted children since I had a school-house full of them. And, I told him yes I wanted four children to love and watch them grow in this community where everyone knows you and are always there for a neighbor in need.

I told him our Gap needed more stores, a playhouse for plays to encourage the acting talents of our children, a museum filled with all the treasures found in our area and from around the world to share with other countries. We needed a huge park for families to enjoy taking their children for a day of fun outdoors. With picnic tables, nature trails for all to learn more about the woods and mountains surrounding us. There are so many possibilities for this growing community.

Finally we reached home and Andrew did not move from his seat---he asked if I would go with him to the Fall Festival in Hawkins Creek Saturday. And, I said yes. Andrew kissed my hand and left me dazed at the front door. 

Although I knew my brothers would be visiting school tomorrow giving their sister their approval or disapproval with a big brotherly hug. My brothers are the absolute joy of my life and they make me feel safe and loved.

Well, Dear Diary tomorrow is only the second day of school and I am praying for a slow calm one.



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