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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rebecca's Diary September 9, 1918

September 9, 1918

 Dear Diary,

It was a little chilly this morning as Margaret and I walked to school. Margaret was quiet while studying her Latin---so I let my mind visit my fantasy day dream of what life would be like when I am grown at 18 years old.

We walked pass Blue Rock and Purple Rock and Johnny was not there. I got a funny feeling in my tummy and when this happens I always hear bad news. Margaret calls it Becky’s crystal ball tummy---so this morning I did not say anything to her about my feeling.

It was such a beautiful morning to have a dark cloud over my heart---but it was there all the same. I wish Johnny was here so I could tell him about it. But he was nowhere to be found and I asked all my friends if they had seen him. They all said no---and my heart was really gloomy now---I was sure I would not like it when I found out.

Miss Goodhall rang the school bell and we all lined up in order of our grades and when she nodded---we silently walked in and---took our seats. We were well behaved children with a few exceptions.

This is so precious---Angels singing.
When Miss Goodhall said “Children, Mr. Donovan has something to tell us about Johnny---so please listen.” I thought my heart had stopped beating and my mind froze---not one thought appeared in my active mind---and I listened with my heart.

Mr. Donovan was Johnny’s grandfather and he said, “I am sorry to tell you Johnny’s parents came for him last night because they have a new home waiting for him in Canada. Johnny was sorry he did not have a chance to say goodbye---but he promised to write to his friend very soon.”  Mr. Donovan looked happy after his little speech which tore my heart out.

And then the most unexpected occurred---Mr. Donovan walked up to my desk and handed me a letter from Johnny. My heart gave a mountain leap of happiness. I will read it tonight after everyone is asleep---just my letter and me.

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